Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hey peeps! Have a look at our beautiful, grade A quality batik!

We offer some seriously good bargains:

(a) Our prices are way, way cheaper than what others are selling!

(b) If you know me, Dod or Far personally, installments is A-okay!

(c) If you buy 2 or more batik, there will be price reduction!

(d) Delivery for 2 or less batik is free of charge!

So what are you waiting for! Give us a call / text if you know us
OR leave us a hello at
OR contact us at our Facebook accounts.

Beautiful batik is just a click away!


idyavie said...

Thanks 4 visit my blog, selalu2 laa update.. nanti ader senang Vie buat contest utk follower2 yg selalu bagi komen kat every post dlm blog vie.. tunggu, pasti lumayan.. jgn lupa jd follower Vie.. batik ni tak der discount lagi ker..???

Batik Heaven said...

boleh diskaun lagi :D

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